A turbulator works on the principle of flow agitation and is especially useful in viscous fluids or in applications where the tubeside coefficient is lower than the shellside or airside coefficient. Its in-tube effect is an increase in Colburn J Factor, thanks to its peculiar design, which transitions the flow from laminar to turbulent. The end result is an enormous increase in heat transfer per length of tube for an increase in pressure drop. Get an in depth look in the Turbulator section.

Applications beyond Heat Transfer

  1. Falling Film Evaporators.
  2. Static Inline Mixers and Reactors.

Turbulator Selection Criteria:

  1. Fluid viscosity.
  2. Allowable pressure drop.
  3. Fouling.
  4. Cost.

Turbulator types we manufacture:

  1. Flexible Wire Turbulator.
  2. Twisted Tape Turbulator.
  3. Rigid Wire Turbulator.
  4. Hollow Rod Wire Turbulator.
  5. Spring Turbulator.
  6. Star Turbulator (under development).

Fin Tubes

Fin Tubes types we manufacture:

  1. Pin Fin Tubes.
  2. Crimped Fin Tubes.
  3. Low Fin Tubes.