Superfin (Pin Fin) Tubes

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Superfin Tubes are a tube-surface extension where the wire loops provide maximum turbulation to the air flow which is much higher than is the case with nomal helical fins.
The fact that the fins are soldered gives close to 100% bonding to the tube which not only increases the net heat transfer but ensures that the fin tubes can withstand high pressure cleaning.

Possible Tube Material

Carbon Steel
Stainless Steel
Cupro Nickel
Aluminium Brass
Alloy Steel

Possible Fin Material

Carbon Steel
Stainless Steel

The reason Aluminum can’t be used as a material for either the tubes or fins is because it doesn’t solder well.

Given the unique construction of this type of fine tube, a steel or stainless steel tube ends up weighing about the same as an equivalent L Fin Tube with Aluminium Fins and a Carbon Steel Tube.


It is possible to more than halve the number of fin tubes in an equipment using this particular type of fin tube. This appreciably lowers equipment size, weight as well as fan motor horsepower consumption.

Suitable Applications:

  1. Steam Air Heaters.
  2. Compact Air Cooled Heat Exchangers.
  3. Large installations like power plants.
  4. Oil coolers.
  5. Engine water cooling.
  6. Heating using hot water.