Flexible Wire Turbulators (with data curves readily inputtable into major heat transfer software)

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Flexible Turbulators are unique. The wire forms concentric circular loops which are twisted around a flexible central wire spine. The circular loops slant in the direction opposing the flow of the fluid.

When the fluid flow hits the slanting loops it presses them into a snug fit with the tube wall, increasing the Flexible Turbulator’s heat transfer capability.

The slant of the loops also makes it easier to pull the turbulator through the tube in the direction it was designed to be pulled from. Pulling the turbulator from the wrong side, however, may prove difficult.

Flexible Turbulators are provided with a hook at one end for pulling through the tube. Depending on the fluid flow characteristics in an application, an anchor can be provided, if necessary.

What you get with wire loops in the face of fluid flow is a configuration that provides good turbulation with low pressure drop. This is because even with the low hydrodynamic resistance of the cylindrical wire, the Flexible Turbulator does a great job of redirecting the fluid flow (within the tube) to maximize its impact with the tube wall.

To understand how to design using Flexible Wire Turbulators with major heat transfer software or proprietary calculations, please get in touch with our Application Engineers by writing in to mail@conceptengg.com.


  1. Cost effective.
  2. Extremely easy in-tube insertion.
  3. Can be removed for tube cleaning.
  4. Reusable (to an extent) after cleaning.
  5. High heat transfer for low pressure drop.
  6. Usable in extremely high temperature applications.