Rigid Turbulator

turbulators, pin fin tubes, fin tubes, turbulator

A Rigid Turbulator consists of oval wire loops soldered to a solid/rigid center rod. This is a turbulator type that is usually soldered inside the tube because the contact between turbulator and tube wall maximizes the heat transfer coefficient. It does this by giving the dual benefits of conductive and convective heat transfer by acting as an inside-tube surface extension as well as a flow agitator.

It is the turbulator of choice for all manner of Oil Coolers. Our Thermodynamics Research Division has dubbed it the “Economizer” because it offers up the highest increase in heat transfer for not that much more pressure drop. That being the case, one can also use a Rigid Turbulator without soldering it to the tube but it would mean a significant drop in its heat transfer capability.

turbulators, pin fin tubes, fin tubes, turbulator


  1. A Rigid Turbulator cannot be used in applications where the operating temperatures exceed the melting point of the solder used. This can be anywhere between 180 C and 280 C depending on the solder used in construction.
  2. Being a soldered Turbulator, it is more expensive.
  3. It cannot be removed for cleaning as it is soldered to the tube and so is unsuitable for fluids with a propensity to scale or foul.
  4. Soldering the Turbulators inside the tubes is an exact science so it means that customers would be better off ordering the tubes with these Turbulators pre-fitted. This limits flexibility.


We are happy to provide tubes with presoldered turbulators after working together with you to determine if it is the right solution.